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Hello Japan 👋 It’s now 2020, 60 years since the first disposable plastic bag was invented and 90 years since the first disposable cup – It has certainly been convenient, but can we continue to pay the price for such convenience? A disposable coffee cup actually has a thin plastic coating that can degrade into micro-plastics, these micro-plastics can end up in our ocean, inside fish - which we eat. Similarly as we all know, plastic bags are similarly harmful to the environment. We’re Less Plastic and we’re all about encouraging reuse and reducing waste everyday from the home to the office, to the cafe. It’s easy, every effort counts, no matter how small. People may feel it’s inconvenient or time consuming. It’s true, we admit it, but there is also a huge cost of doing nothing. We understand that sometimes there is no choice but to take the convenient option, but we should take every other opportunity that we can to reduce waste. -- Less Plastic aims to provide actionable ideas and inspiration that we can take every day to reduce our footprint. We’ve only got one planet 🌍. Over time, we will partner with progressive brands including KeepCup to provide tips, information and products that can help us achieve less waste. Let’s Reuse and Reduce waste. 💚 Less Plastic Japan

「KeepCupはバリスタのために作られてるからお気に入りなんだ。こんなにラテアートを作りやすいカップはないよ。」 - Blue Bottle CoffeeのJoanna Lareau

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The cup that kick started the reuse revolution.

KeepCup is an iconic brand for the world of reuse. KeepCup started in 2007 when Abigail Forsythe saw an opportunity to design a cup that is both convenient but also fun, to encourage more people to move away from disposable cups. The reuse culture that we see today, whether it’s bringing your own bag to the supermarket or bringing in your own cup to a cafe has been hugely influenced by KeepCups legacy and passionate following.

Authorised reseller of KeepCup in Japan.

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We plan to donate 1% of revenue to 1% for the Planet, an organisation that invests our donated money to help improve the environment on earth, to make it a better place for all.